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User Guide

  • 1. Every student should be a member of the Central Library. Each student/user has to fill in a membership form. One (01) passport size and two (02) stamp size color photographs must be attached with the membership form.
  • 2. Every student will be given a library card for the entire period of 12 (twelve) semesters. If the card is exhausted and used up before a student completes his/her course study. He/she may be issued a new card free of charge. Only one stamp size color photograph shall be required in case of issuance of a new card.
  • 3. Library ID cards have to be shown at the entrance of the Library.
  • 4. Each student is allowed to borrow not more than two library books at a time for a maximum of 05 (five) days after which the borrowed books will be automatically reissued for two more days.
  • 5. A token is given for each issued book which has to be deposited to the security guard at the exit of the library.
  • 6. Taka 2.00 (two) will be charged for one book as late fine for each day.
  • 7. The queue for the issuance of book should be strictly maintained at the circulation desk and also at the pigeon hole.
  • 8. If a library ID card is lost, Taka 50.00 (fifty) will be charged for issuing a duplicate copy of the card. The student should submit an application along with a stamp sized colour photograph for the issuance of such a duplicate copy.
  • 9. Taka 50.00(fifty) will be charged for the replacement of a lost pigeon-hole token.
  • 10. Before entering the library, the student should hand over his/her personal belongings, such as books, umbrella, bags, parcels and so on, at the counter (Pigeon-hole area) of the library. All valuables such as cash, camera, wrist watch, cell phone, jewelry, etc must be taken out from their bags and kept at his/her disposal at his/her own risk.
  • 11. Library facilities should not be misused. Students must not write in the library books nor should they tear off page(s) from a book, deface documents, or any other equipment. Offenders caught/identified shall be questioned by the Library Management Committee (LMC) and may be penalized for the damages as per the decision of the committee.
  • 12. Cell phone/Mobile phone must be switched off before entering the library premises and it must remain switched off till the student leaves the library.
  • 13. If any misconduct towards the library officers/ staffs by a student is reported to the library authority, disciplinary action may be taken against the offender.
  • 14. Library officers/ staffs and security guards are authorized to search the students within the premises or at the entrance, if required.
  • 15. Library membership cards are neither transferable nor exchangeable. Each individual student is responsible for the security of his/her library cards. If a membership card is lost, it must be reported immediately to the Circulation section or the Librarian of PAU Central Library.
  • 16. No stationary resources (staplers, pens, fluid, etc) shall be supplied to the students from the central library.
  • 17. When a book is issued from the circulation section, it is the students’ responsibility to check that he/she has been given 05 (five) days from the date of issue.
  • 18. All members of the library shall check for any damages in the reading resources (books, periodicals, journals) issued to them. If no such report has been made it shall be assumed that the present user had received them in good conditions.
  • 19. Tk. 5.00 will be charged per day as daily fine after the expiry of the due date for reference books, reserved books, journals and periodicals
  • 20. Borrowers must return the same library resources or pay the current value of lost item (s) with 20% service charge to the library. In case, if a replacement copy is no longer available for purchase, a standard fee and administrative charge, as determined by the library, will be levied.
  • 21. Items from the reserve collection, reference collection, newspaper collection, bound and unbound Journals, unpublished dissertations, published and printed rare works, and publications, especially reserved materials, are not available for loan.
  • 22. Deposited materials will have to be collected from the pigeon-hole on the same day before the library closes. Library staff will not be responsible for safety of the materials not collected on the same day.
  • 23. The consumption of foods and drinks and the use of personal audio equipment are not permitted in the Library.
  • 24. Silence is to be strictly maintained in the Library. Persons using the Reading Room shall abstain from talking, discussions and any other form of noise likely to disturb others. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in expulsion from the Library.