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IT Service

Membership service is the first and important service for a library. All the student, faculty member and staff of Primeasia University can enroll for membership at PAU central library. Membership form is available at library circulation desk of PAUCL in 13th floor of HBR Tower in university premises.

News clipping Service

This service has been redesigned recently to provide more effective services to users covering wide areas. The library provides news-clipping services in the following subjects on a regular basis:

Photocopy Service

  • 1. Users may request to photocopy materials in prescribed form the library collection only.
  • 2. The service is available from 09:15 am to 05:00 pm through Saturday to Thursday
  • 3. Rate of service is taka 2.00(Two) per page (one side/ both side in photocopy paper).
  • 4. Library books, necessary and other reading materials can be photocopied in this section.

We have latest Digital Photocopier and expert xerox operator to provide this service.

#AVM Service

The primary sources displayed here differ from the other sources in this exhibit in that they are equipment dependent – they are not directly accessible without a specific playback technology. Audio-visual resources on disc, film, magnetic tape, and digital formats require intervening machinery to access the information. Unfortunately, many of these formats as well as their playback mechanisms are rapidly becoming obsolete and some have disappeared altogether.PAUCL has a large amount of AVM collection. All the users can borrow these materials from PAUCL IT section for a certain period provided by authority. Here is a chart of PAUCL AVM.

  •  Textbook
    • • Physics & chemistry
    • • Computer Science
    • • Business & communication
  •  Bangla Movie
    • o Classical Movie
  •  Libaration War
  •  DocumentationFilm-Bangla
  •  PAU Collections
  •  English Movie
    • o Classical Movie
  •  War
  •  Animated Movie
  •  DocumentationFilm-English
  •  Hindi Movie
  •  Classical Movie
  •  Music(Bangla)
  •  (Nazrul & Rabindranath Tagore)
  •  Music(English)
  •  Classical Song
  •  Jazz Song

Free Electronic Service

PAUCL user can freely use the electronic devices that are reserved for users.

Internet Facilities

PAU Central Library free Wi-Fi service allows you to connect to the internet. You are invited to explore PAU Central Library vast online resources using your own laptop or mobile device through library Wi-Fi. Coverage of Wi-Fi is available both of library floors.

How to Connect PAU Central Library Wireless Network

  •  Using your device network utilities, look for the wireless network named “Library_WiFi”
  •  “Library_WiFi”wireless network is required username & password to connect.

Reading Room Service

PAU central library has a big reading room for users. It’s capacity more then 150 at a time in central library reading room. Please keep silence in reading room. Conversation and group study are not allowed. User will not allow to use cell phone or mobile in reading room. Teacher’s Corner : Faculty member, Researcher & Staffs can be use & study in Reference Room in cool environment . In reference library there is an exclusive table for faculty members, staffs and others seat is for research students.

Pigeonhole Service

PAU library provides pigeonhole service. User need to abide by the following instruction to obtain this service

  •  Take a token for your bag.
  •  Take out your valuable Cell Phone, Wallet, Camera and Laptop before keeping the bag on pigeonhole.
  •  TK 50 will be charge if the user lost the token of pigeonhole.