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a mission with a vision

The library invites all members of the Primeasia University faculty members , students and staff to make best use of the facilities and collections. Students are entitled to become library member, if they have a valid registration or identification from the appropriate of the University. The library committee are to advise the library personnel in formulating library policies.

Develop an library performance plan and review annually. Ensure the quality services and resources. Promote the library as the Center for learning and research functions. Implement library Rules. Conduct Library Management Meeting annually. Recruit Personnel in vacancy places.

Staff motivation and management. Develop websites for community development. Develop Resource Sharing Network and more connectivity to user services. Introduce update software program to maintain database for smooth service. Archive section has been stored valuable back issues. IT Section implemented for student.

The purpose of the Collection Development Policy is to provide a framework for the maintenance and development of the University library’s collections, to indicate priorities, to establish selection criteria across the range of different subjects, languages and media and to create a consistent and coherent basis for the future development of the collections. It carries out a variety of activities to support the courses and to promote a better understanding of the educational policies of the University.