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Primeasia University

a mission with a vision

Primeasia University Library was established in October 2003. This library is basically designed to serve the actual need of its own students, faculty members, members of the Board of Governors (BOG) and staff members. It is situated in HBR tower 10th & 13th floor. It has seminar library in Pharmacy & Microbiology Department respectively. International Dewey Decimal Classification System is being used to organize and arrange books in PAU library. It is open Saturday to Thursday 9.00am to 5.00pm.


To be an innovative, focused, competitive and user-centered library service to the endeavors of primeasia University community.


  • The purpose of the PAUC library system is to support and enrich the resource, research. and service programs of the University.
  • Support the course related needs of graduates.
  • Provide users with access to materials located inside the library system.
  • PAUCL has actively been pursuing to develop and offer effective and efficient information services, disseminate the information to improve support system.
  • To provide increasing access to digital collections.
  • Develop a world – class knowledge resources center.